Running, Chasing, Ghosting Stages in Relationships

Listening Time: Around 31 minutes

In various stages of a relationship we all face that anxiety, heart fleeting moments or butterflies of getting to know somebody and make a decision as to whether we wish to pursue some form of relationship with them. But often this can also be quite troubling too! Sometimes when we desire somebody or find them attractive or have feelings for them we might find ourselves in various stages of chasing, ghosting, running or facing that relationship. We sometimes might not recognise that we do the above stages in our relationships but we are all guilty of some of these stages one way or another. 

What happens to us when we are on the receiving end of the above stages though? Why are we ghosted when we simply like someone or express how we feel? How can we stop chasing, or in fact why are we chasing? Why is the person we like running away from us and what can we do about it?

These are some of the issues I discuss in my podcast today. Hopefully it helps somebody out there who is confused about what is happening and how to deal with it hopefully in the right way.

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