Surrendering and Letting Go

Listening Time: Around 25 minutes

In life many things will happen that test our patience and our mindset as well as skills set. Often we try to persevere as adults for things we think we need or want or desire in our lives. This can range from job promotions to moving to another city or country or chasing or ending a relationship that we feel is right for us. But what happens when the things we want don't flow correctly? What happens when we come across obstacle after obstacle and face hardships or frustrations because in the grand scheme of things we don't realise those things we desire or yearn for are not actually predestined or determined for us? What if we are meant to surrender our id, ego, our yearning to hold on and instead simply let go and let things be?

In today's podcast I discuss how frustrating, challenging but also the rewarding aspect of surrendering part of our life journey can be when we simply learn to let go.

It's not an easy journey by the way...

But one that can be very fruitful in the end.

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