When a Narcissist Tries To Make a Comeback After Months of Silence

Listening Time: Around 15 minutes

Sadly many of us have had quite the emotional rollercoaster style relationship with a narcissist but when it ends there is still emotional turmoil because they are experts at love bombing us, gaslighting us or using our emotions to one way or another 'persuade' us to go back to them. it can be very difficult to totally move forward after this draining experience and some of us 'lucky ones' fund we are able to do this and slowly heal.

However, just as feel we are really healing or moving forward with our lives along the narcissist comes back when we least expect them to make their moves. Have we grown stronger emotionally and mentally to resist their 'charms'? Have we learnt to put ourselves first? Have we learnt to keep saying that word 'no' because we know we deserve so much better and deserve to heal fully and not partially?

I discuss all of the above and how to help yourself move forward on your journey of healing.

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