Beyond The Classroom Gates Act 1 Scene 1 Page 2

Simon: [Sharply] Another one to add to the deathometer then! Can’t people see that I’m trying to sleep here?

Mary: [Shocked and aghast] Simon! How can you be so insensitive as a person! Really! That could be someone we know for God’s sake!

Simon: Well if it is someone we both know, they should have the courtesy to die a little quieter! [Opens the window of the car and takes out a cigarette and lights it, and blows out the smoke]. Ah…fresh air before the madness of the day begins! [Starts to snigger in anticipation of Mary’s response]

Mary frowns…she hates Simon smoking in her car. It’s a smell she has come to loathe, very much like Simon’s personality. The four years of