Beyond The Classroom Gates Act 2 Scene 2 Page 1

t is now break time. Mary has been with her Year 11 students all morning working on catching up on their missing pieces of coursework. She is relieved to leave her room and grab a quick sandwich and a cup of tea as well as a break from the kids. As she walks down the corridor towards the canteen the staff seem to be more quiet than usual. The PE staff are normally huddled together either shouting at the kids to get changed quickly, but today there seems to be nobody around which is unusual.

Mary heads into the canteen and looks at the sandwiches on offer. She quickly grabs a sandwich, a drink and some chocolate and then heads out of the canteen to the staffroom to check her pigeon hole. As she heads into the room she notices staff huddled together staring at pieces of paper scattered across the tables in the staffroom.