Beyond The Classroom Gates Act 4 Scene 1 Page 6

They’re always going to test you. You’ve just got to be ten steps ahead of them that’s all.

Mary: [Annoyed] Like you, you mean? You turn a blind eye to them stealing fags from you, your money, your food. One of them even took your department keys that time and took your files and you didn’t even report it to anyone. Recently there’s been the dodgy coursework you submitted which proved the kids copied a well scripted piece of work you provided. I mean, [sighs], I don’t know how you get away with all this!

Simon: [Starts chuckling to himself] Well, you didn’t know that I have plenty of connections. Many of them in places you wouldn’t expect. Plus, senior management love me. Anyway, I’m offski as the kids would say. I have an interview!