Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 1 Page 4

him making too much of a scene. I knew he had a dislike for hospitals, so for me this was now a safe haven until I had to return back ‘home’.

I tried to push all those painful and hurtful memories to the back of my mind as tears rolled down my cheeks and instead, I laid back further into the hospital bed, staring at my daughter sleeping ever so peacefully in her incubator and prayed and prayed that she and I would remain safe.

Today I was finally released from the hospital, and I had to admit I dreaded going ‘home’ because I wasn’t sure what would be waiting for me and the baby.

The whole bus ride home my stomach was in knots, I didn’t know if I wanted to vomit or just weep. My emotions were everywhere. All I kept doing was staring at my blue−eyed