Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 3 Page 26

Mum didn’t want to trouble dad at work, especially since he was doing a night shift. Mum was clearly very shaken up, but it reassured her a lot when the windows were finally boarded up and obviously Gavin had been dealt with.

It took mum and me some time to be able to fall asleep that night and we decided to sleep in the same room. I guess we both wanted some comfort from each other and being in the same room provided that. We hadn’t long fallen asleep when we were woken up by dad. Understandably he was annoyed and angry at mum for not calling him at work but once he calmed down, he understood why mum hadn’t called him. Mum didn’t want a huge scene and didn’t want the neighbours knowing what had been happening to me let alone the police.

They were both trying