Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 3 Page 30

told me that I had been brave, and this was the first step towards gaining my life back in addition to dealing with Gavin the right way. I was reassured repeatedly that I was doing the right thing, although I must admit I was nervous about the road that lay ahead.

I was instructed to go and visit my doctor by the police officers. Naturally mum went with me of course because I couldn’t go on my own. Mum sat there as I opened up about my issues with my doctor. I was numb at first, I guess I had become accustomed to not feeling any emotions but slowly I was facing the deep pains of torment and anguish that I had buried deep within myself.

It turns out that I had to register with the doctor so that I could be assigned some medical tests as well as get some psychotherapy help and