Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 10

I had done with other partners over the years that I was not going to tolerate it in my marriage. I really had to control myself from not kicking his ass and wrestling him to the ground despite the fact that he was taller and stronger than me; my inner strength came out in full force and at the point I was a force to be reckoned with.

I paced the corridor of the bedroom wardrobe area feeling agitated and anxious and wanted to smash his face in but had to try to remain calm and collected. Nothing could be heard for over an hour as I paced back into the living room fiercely to find him sulking in one corner of the room with a huge red mark on his face. I sat calmly near to him and looked at him sternly in the face as I stated if he was to ever lay a finger on me again, he would be having to fight for his limbs to stay