Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 23

but just lay there in agony with various spasms in my uterus and was understandably bleeding quite heavily. I eventually nodded off to sleep but was woken up with him on top of me stroking me and kissing me clearly wanting sex. Understandably I wasn’t in the mood; I was in agony. He could see I wasn’t interested in sex and just held me by my throat and began to spit profusely in my face calling me all names under the sun for not giving him his marital rights. I just gave him a hard glare and despite feeling so wretched; I spat back at him and hurled abuse back towards him. He just laughed in my face as he removed himself from me and continued to watch the football whilst calling me a slut for refusing to have sex with him.

For days we didn’t speak to one another. He would get up and leave the house not speaking to me