Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 37

It was also abusive, but it made me laugh hysterically as it showed me how small he actually felt and how much I didn’t need his controlling arse in my life! My lawyer had decided to pay him a home visit and declared that I had filed for divorce. No doubt the news came as quite a surprise to him and his ego. His manhood had been insulted and destroyed as I had dared to divorce him without his permission!

I blocked his number again and held it together for as long as I could. Despite being broken and missing him like crazy despite knowing that he was no good for me.

I would eventually lay in a foetal position in my bed and cry my eyes out like a lost child. I had lost

everything. My husband; my love; my home; my car; my pride but more importantly my sanity and freedom; let alone myself.