Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 6

unknown reason he started to argue with me whilst he was chopping some onions for an omelette he was making. The next thing I knew he was threatening to kill me with the kitchen knife that he was holding in his hand. I was surprisingly calm as he threatened to cut me into pieces with a very stern and resolved face. I looked at him sternly and in disdain. I calmly walked to the kitchen drawer and took out a large butcher knife and

held it close to his throat and told him with such fierceness that if he ever threatened to harm me ever again, he would be the one that would live to regret it as his family would have to try to identify his body parts!

He stood silently staring at me in shock… once the penny had sunk in about how I stood up to him, he stated are you attempting to