Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 9

always involved taking care for his large family. We would often argue over this; I would never feel like his family despite him casually stating to those who wanted to hear it that I was his ‘wife’, but this was only in words when it suited him; not when it really mattered.

One time I was about to prepare lunch when he came over to hug and kiss me and without me realising it he smacked me in the face and started sniggering as soon as he had done it. I didn’t even have to flinch; I instinctively punched him straight in the face with a hard knocked socket punch which he didn’t see coming! I recall him being frozen with his jaw jarred as I stormed out of the room and headed to our bedroom to calm down. I had Afghan roots and we are known for our tempers. I had seen my mother tolerate so much abuse as