Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 1 Page 2

My first selected book for chapter one was Khaled Hosseini’s famously known novel The Kite Runner. My reason for selecting an Afghanastani based author who happened to be male was so that a real authentic viewpoint could be put across as this seemed to be an area of lost voices in general. The Kite Runner had now been produced as an acclaimed film and a theatre production which had all stemmed from a novel that depicted the lives of two young boys living in war torn Afghanistan. Hosseini’s novel was a novel that I thoroughly enjoyed reading as an active reader. I enjoyed the novel for its retrospective views and various flashbacks that were used in order to depict the life of the adult Amir who was living in the USA as the novel reminisced his past life and youth that he had lived in Afghanistan as a young child.