Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 1 Page 9

the content of the true extent of the political and social upheaval that the characters sadly face. Under the control and influence of The Taliban simple pleasures of enjoyment are thusly banished; Matinuddin confirms that:

Kite flying and keeping of pigeons and other pets is forbidden and the birds have been killed. Those found engaging in such pursuits are jailed. (Matinuddin, 2009, p. 356).

It seems ironic then for Hosseini to even name his novel after a past time activity that is forbidden by the Taliban. The kite in fact is a symbol of freedom, enjoyment and hope of two young people from Afghanistan who embrace change, adversity and upheaval in their lives. Hosseini’s novel certainly captures the lives and troubles of the two young boys well, as well as the various