Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 23

past and being at peace with the man he has become in the present. In order to do this successfully Amir must go back to Afghanistan to support Rahim Khan in dealing with his request of facing the past and fulfilling his personal wish of his late father’s friend. The novel clearly demonstrates how there is more than one victim that is traumatised by the rape of Hassan. Hassan is understandably traumatised by Assef’s actions of the actual rape but so is Amir by witnessing the dreadful scene and possibly the other boys who carry out this torture on Hassan. Amir’s complexities and anxieties arise due to the fact that he still lives in the past. As the audience of the novel, we are aware indeed that the past is a place that offers some security as well as haunting for Amir and understandably he is in limbo between the two places.