Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 33

motives can be explained. The Taliban in this era were quite unmistakably in charge of the ‘sovereign’ (Foucault, 1978. p.135) and ultimately displayed a ‘direct power’ over the whole state, including its most innocent victims and sadly children are not excluded in this act. The Taliban would have killed the manager of the orphanage and who strongly feels that there is no other resolution than to sacrifice children for the safety of his life and the other children in his care. Foucault continues to state that:

Power in this instance was essentially a right of seizure: of things, time, bodies, and ultimately life itself; it culminated in the privilege to seize hold of life in order to suppress it. (Foucault, 1978, p.136).

Foucault’s theory in