Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 35

neglect. He is also conscious of the fact that he needs financial support in times of adversity in order to feed and clothe the children who remain in the orphanage and within his care as loco parentis. When Amir is faced with the head of the Taliban, he understandably places himself in imminent danger:

The door opened and the two armed men returned, between them the tall Talib in white, still wearing his dark John Lennon glasses, looking like some broad−shouldered, New Age mystic guru. (Hosseini, 2009, p. 288).

Amir repeatedly describes the main ringleader of the Taliban as some bohemian John Lennon doppelganger due to the fact he is ‘still wearing his dark John Lennon glasses’ and looks like a ‘new age mystic guru’ because of his large beard and