Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 45

have taken refuge in Afghanistan and made lives there but Assef does not deem this to be acceptable. Instead, he states that they ‘pollute our homeland, our watan. They dirty our blood’. Assef’s use of the Arabic term ‘watan’ reiterates how passionate he is about his homeland being invaded by others. The word ‘polluted’ suggests that the land itself has been destroyed and contaminated and will never be ‘pure’ again. Assef is adamant that ‘they dirty our blood’ meaning that the various cultures who live in Afghanistan go on to have intercultural and racial marriages leading to children whom he deems as inbred and not ‘pure’. What is rather ironic is that Assef himself is not a pure Pashtun or Afghan as his own father is Afghanastani, but his mother is in fact German, but he fails