Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 8

Amir’s predicament as he is caught between living amongst the ghosts of the past and the present. He finds himself unable to move forward from this specific incident from his childhood and consequently the trauma leaves him trapped between both worlds as he is unable to escape due to the acknowledgement that ‘the past claws its way out’ eventually and leaves its victims forever haunted. It is quite interesting to note that Hosseini uses the term ‘claw’ to suggest a wider metaphor that nothing can be forgotten or escaped which links to Afghanistan’s national emblem of the eagle; a creature that catches and holds onto its prey. Derrida would agree with the analogy of two worlds as in Spectres of Marx he states that “a spectral moment, a moment that no longer belongs to time” (Derrida, 1993, xix).