Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 9

Amir is quite evidently living in between the ‘spectral moment’ from 26 years and consequently is unable to move forward even though the traumatised incident ‘no longer belongs to time’ (Derrida, 1993, xix). Amir has certainly not evolved or changed as a person due to this incident twenty−six year ago instead he is haunted by the ‘spectre’ of the past and he finds himself within an almost purgatory state of existence as he is unable to relinquish himself of this specific incident that has a strong hold on his life. Bray and Bray continue to state that:

The traumatic moment literally server’s one world from another and everything that was taken for granted is no longer there in the same way, the selves don’t appear to be cohesive− they no longer match or