Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 3 Page 28

it banned, taking Seierstad to court for damages of misleading the reader and not writing the truth. Seierstad was to find herself in a situation no author wants to be compelled in as their very work is scrutinized by an even wider network of critics. Seierstad herself stated that she faced an ethical dilemma:

Should I have explained that “you know, for a Norwegian reader what you are doing now will appear as very unfair”? It was not my role to say that. So, I did not enter into many discussions, simply because I did not want to influence the family” (Larssen, 2013, p.89)

Seierstad worked quite humbly but also poignantly on this novel only to have her own work scrutinised by a small number of people who believed she had acted immorally and corruptly.