Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 13

My mother leapt to her feet, one of the Taliban soldiers threw her to the floor, slamming his boots on to her head to keep her in place. (Busfield, 2009, p.157)

It seems evident that the Taliban have exceeded their power to manipulate and abuse the most vulnerable within society. In this passage Fawad’s mother is clearly depicted as someone who tries quite rightly so to protect and honour her children as a mother from officials who now control and own her country. As an audience we are in deep sympathy for Fawad’s mother and his family as he witnesses this abuse and trauma of his family being torn into pieces first−hand. The people of Afghanistan are seen as mere insignificant casualties of a broken and disharmonious community that no one in particular really cares about. It is sorrowfully clear