Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 17

vulnerable within our society that are weakened and timid in the eyes of the Taliban. Witnessing this type of trauma and abuse leaves Fawad and others very much like him as a victim of intense trauma. Brooks Boulson uses a trauma theorist to state that:

“Threats to life or bodily integrity, or a close personal encounter with violence and death”. Traumatic events confront individuals “with the extremities of helplessness and terror” (Herman, Trauma 33). (Brooks Boulson, 2000, p.7)

In Fawad’s case he certainly faces life changing trauma as a young child that certainly makes him and his family feel ‘helpless’ and terrorized by the events that have torn their family and many others apart. Fawad reiterates that: All I knew for certain