Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 25

not only protect her son but also allows her to gain some dignity and respect within the community. Georgie and her allies also extend their role as employer and employee by looking after Fawad’s mother when she has a suspected case of cholera. This extension of human kindness allows the ‘foreign’ minority of individuals to appear to show compassion and kindness to people in a country where there has previously been hostility to the Western influence. Derrida states some interesting notions about the term ‘foreigner’ as well as hospitality which can be applied to the Westerners that Busfield describes in Born under a Million Shadows: The foreigner is first of all foreign to the legal language which the duty of hospitality is formulated, the right to asylum, its limits, norms, policing, etc. He has to ask for his own