Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 26

house, the host, the king, the lord, the authorities, the nation, the State, the father etc….. where the question of hospitality begins:

must we ask the foreigner to understand us, to speak our language, in all its possible extension, before being able and so as to be able to welcome him into our country? (Bowlby, 2000, p.15)

Derrida’s text on Hospitality certainly makes it clearer what the role of the ‘westerner’ or in this case the ‘foreigner’ is in Busfield’s text. Fawad and the community certainly extend their hospitality skills to the westerners who they must protect and also serve. In addition to this the ‘foreigners’ such as Georgie and her allies have a very positive impact upon Fawad and his mother.