Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 3

war−torn land. The novel opens with a very simple statement from the main character Fawad that places the text in its current political context:

My name is Fawad, and my mother tells me I was born under the shadow of the Taliban. (Busfield, 2009, p.10)

Busfield’s main character Fawad states very simply how his life began in Afghanistan under the guise of an illustrious and regimented regime of the Taliban. Fawad’s character offers a very intimate and honest interpretation of how the lives of many had changed due to the political and antagonistic issues that have taken place in the war−torn Afghanistan. Matinuddin states that:

The leadership of the Taliban emerged from amongst the disgruntled young Afghan refugees studying in the deeni madaris around Quetta and Peshawar.