Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 30

that were as much a part of me as they were of him, were snatched away as his head suddenly snapped back. I saw a hole open in his chest spitting blood on to his shirt as he fell to the floor like a broken toy. (Busfield, 2009, pp226−7)

As I previously stated it is children that are the most vulnerable victims within society who are ambushed and destroyed by the terrifying impact of not only the gorilla style entangled situation that occurs as mentioned above but also, they are the casualties of the ongoing conflicts of war that people like Haji Khalid Khan are trying their best to end. Busfield’s novel certainly raises some interesting notions and aspects of the real impact that the Western world has had upon Afghanistan. Although we are presented with what one can describe as a happy ever after