Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 4 Page 6

came marching from the south to lay claim to Kabul, they were welcomed like saviours. The capital had become a city of rubble after the Russians left because of the victorious Mujahedin had turned on one another fighting like dogs fighting over a piece of meat, and Kabul was that piece of meat. (Busfield, 2009, p.69)

Afghanistan had unfortunately been a land that has been war torn with various people trying their hardest to control it. The Taliban were seen as a group of people one must respect after all the word ‘Talib’ means religious student so why would someone question their authority within the community when their intentions were meant to be honourable and also religiously pliable? Fawad’s mother however provides a true and sincere impact of the Taliban’s real impact on its citizens of Afghanistan: