Beyond The Classroom Gates Act 3 Scene 1 Page 4

basis with these plebs, not to mention the trolls that run this place!

Simon and Pete start chuckling. Victoria seems more annoyed and gets redder in the face. The rest of the department bow their heads down because they know there will be a tirade of violent outbursts from Victoria next.

Victoria: [Red in the face] This sort of laziness and unprofessionalism won’t be tolerated. If I say there is a meeting I expect you here promptly. I don’t care if you get stabbed, shot, held up by a parent. You drag yourself to our meetings and you arrive here on time! Some of you don’t need to go out for fresh air anyway− I know some of you lean out of the classroom window for a cheeky fag now and again!

Get it! [Stares intently at Simon and Paul].