Beyond The Classroom Gates Act 4 Scene 1 Page 5

down…but once that Fletcher boy jumped out, they all legged it. He has this magical charm on the rest of the lager louts The only reason they left is because they saw the burger van down the road and wanted some munchies.

I called for help. When that idiot Mitchell came with his walkie talkie he just looked at me to say it was my lesson that was boring and that’s why they left. Next thing I know the deputy head is in my lesson observing me like a hawk. [Starts tearing up remembering the stressful time she had]

Simon: [Trying to look apologetically] Look, we all know it wasn’t your fault. But you’re still seen as though you’re new here and they still see you as a piece of fresh meat. The kids, well these type of kids or plebs shall we say.