Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 2 Page 20

everything was normal at whilst hiding my new discoveries from my husband under a small crack in one of the floorboards in the kitchen. I needed time to consider what I was going to do next. Whatever it was going to be; it needed to be well thought out and delivered meticulously.

Several days had passed when I decided I needed to take up the courage to face this unknown past of my husband’s past life. I took the plunge to rent out a car for the day and drive down to Birmingham and stalk out the house which was on one of the addresses listed on my paperwork. I knew I would have to come up with some elaborate tale as to why I wouldn’t be home, but I came up with some silly story of visiting one of my sick relatives down there and I knew he wouldn’t question me as he hated my relatives, but he knew that duty called I would have to go.