Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 3 Page 15

Sultan tries various tactics to try to seduce the carpenter from revealing the truth in order to own and punish him for his own act of revenge; however, the carpenter is punished by his own father to further disarm any further embarrassment caused to the family honour within the community:

‘You scoundrel, you cad, you are a disgrace to your family, you should never have been born, you’re a loser, a crook,’ his father cries whilst kicking and hitting him. He rams his knee into his son’s stomach, his foot into his crotch, beats him over the back. Jalaluddin just stands there. (Seierstad, 2008, p.220)

As Foucault states discipline and punishment upon the body appears to be the easiest way to control another individual in order to manipulate members of