Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 3 Page 8

searching look. ‘I have found you a rich man, what do you think of that?’ he asked. Sonya looked down at the floor. A young girl has no right to have an opinion about a suitor. (Seierstad, 2008, p. 2)

Sultan Khan deceives and influences the family of Sonya to grant the right to marry a much younger bride by showering them with money to purchase the dowry rights for his new bride. Sultan is obviously well aware that the family is in complete dire straits due to Sonya’s father being unable to seek employment and he uses the higher rate of a dowry in order to successfully win over his future bride’s family. Sultan even has the audacity to use his trickster habits by deceiving the gullible family to allow him to have sexual intercourse with Sonya prior to the marriage which defies all Islamic