Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 3 Page 23

It was Gavin of course, causing a small scene. I managed to get out of bed and shuffled my body into the top landing to look down and see that mum had placed some furniture to block the door. Dad was on a night shift and Gavin must have been watching the house to have known that. Bless mum, she didn’t flinch. She didn’t give in to Gavin’s demands although he was making quite the scene outside. Gavin continued slamming on the doors and then decided to shout through the letter box. I guess the final insult was when he decided to relieve himself by urinating through the letterbox!

That’s when mum saw red and called the police.

It took a short time for the police to arrive. Luckily the local police station wasn’t that far from my parent’s home.