Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 1 Page 21

Born Under a Million Shadows which was written to reflect the aftermath of the Taliban leaving Afghanistan. Busfield like Seierstad was also a journalist working in Afghanistan where the novel is obviously based and was struck upon the idea of writing her novel based upon her life experiences of having lived and worked in the country. Busfield’s novel very much like Seierstad is centred on the main character Fawad; a young boy who is surviving the destruction, terror and aftermath of having his life destroyed by the Taliban. Busfield’s novel is quite a contrast to The Kite Runner as it offers a more comical tone of humour, sarcasm as well as the gruesome reality of the impact that The Taliban has had on its community. The lives of the children in Born Under a Million Shadows are explored in more depth by Busfield as we get a