Diary of Abuse by a Loved One Chapter 7 Page 34

He eventually called me and asked me if I had been home. He didn’t ask if I was safe or if I was ok, he didn’t even ask if I needed anything; instead, I got a tirade of verbal abuse that exploded and aimed to belittle and crush me and for a while it did overpower me.

I was weeping on the phone as he was cussing me

out. Screaming and shouting calling me a whore, calling me all the names a dutiful wife really shouldn’t have to ever hear. He accused me of bringing a man to the house and having sex with him and claimed he had video footage of me doing this inconceivable scene. I was speechless to say the least; I had always remained faithful in our marriage. I hadn’t even glanced at anyone else; let alone think of doing something that vulgar.