Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 29

of older, dominating men is even more concerning and distressing at the latter part of the novel as Amir goes on a mission to find the deceased Hassan’s son Sohrab who now lives in an orphanage. Despite feeling intense emotions over the revelations that Hassan and he are indeed half siblings Amir learns that the whole purpose of him being brought back to Afghanistan by Rahim Khan, his late father’s friend, was in order to face his past and finally stop the hauntings and phantoms of the past having a hold on his life in the present. The journey that Amir has to make peace with the past is a journey that he is unlikely to forget. Various friends of Rahim question his ethnicity and his right to call himself an Afghan since he has not been back to his native land in over twenty years or so, but he appears to persuade them to accept him as a scholar;