Lost & Misrepresented Voices of Afghanistan Chapter 2 Page 37

past; Assef. His haunting can finally cease now that he is confronted with the perpetrator who had abused Hassan all those years ago and Amir quickly learns that he is also now the abuser of the deceased Hassan’s son Sohrab. Amir filled with rage attacks Assef verbally:

What mission is that?” I heard myself say. “Stoning adulterers? Raping children? Flogging women for wearing high heels? Massacring Hazaras? All in the name of Islam?”. (Hosseini, 2009, pp 297−298).

Amir finds the courage to oppose the ‘sovereign’ (Foucault, 1978, p.136) and questions his motives which are ultimately in the name of religion and vehemently opposes all the acts that the Taliban are actually carrying out on its victims. However, Assef asks Amir some